Whether you are beginner or a Blockchain expert, here are some tips to guide you in this adventure:

Team Construction

Teams can be composed of one to three members, from similar or different academic backgrounds. We advise you to form a team with complementary skills in project management, IT development, business or communication. Each member from a different background will bring another strength to your projects! The challenge also encourages gender diversity within teams.

Phases of the challenge

The Business Case (Phase 1)

This step aims to show your creativity to the jury by presenting innovative concepts. Don’t limit yourself to the already existing solutions - be “disruptive”!

A template with the different parts asked by the jury is available to guide you and help you understand the jury’s expectations. Some parts are empty to enable you to develop ideas you’ll find relevant regarding your business case. Be creative and distinguish yourselves!


Describe your business case as a whole without forgetting any dimension: working, benefits, examples, technical aspect, project aspect, etc. The more accomplished and coherent your project is, the better the jury can assess it. Keep in mind that you will not be able to present your work to the jury at the end of step 1 - the jury will only have your document to evaluate your work, so be clear!

The Proof of Concept (Phase 2)

In order for you to save time and focus on the application you have in mind, Oracle will give teams that have been selected to participate access to the Oracle Financial Services Digital Innovation Platform for Open Banking. The Oracle open banking platform is a cloud-based Open API-enabled solution includes a full API stack, connectors to Fintech solutions (example payments, machine learning, bank account connectivity etc) mobile application platform, development tools, open source tools support with an enterprise grade blockchain platform called Oracle Blockchain Cloud Services.

The Oracle Open Banking platform which contains access to a set of Fintech APIS and blockchain application development tools will provide you with the tools required for you to rapidly build your next award winning Blockchain Fintech application. For more helpful information on how to get started with Oracle Blockchain click here.

Topic Suggestions 


​Here is a list of topics suggested by the jury. You are free to choose a topic in any field you are interested in, whether it is Finance, Transportation, Data Management, etc. :

  • Idea n°1  Cryptocurrencies applied to central, retail or investment banks or companies;

  • Idea n°2  Smart Payments and Smart Money;

  • Idea n°3  Smart Contracts;

  • Idea n°4  KYC management;

  • Idea n°5  Private Customer Information / Cybersecurity.

  • Idea n°6 Trade Finance

  • Idea n°7 Syndicate Loans

  • Idea n°8 Cross Border Remittances

This list is far from being exhaustive: do not limit your creativity, dare to be disruptive!



Extensive training on Oracle Financial Services Digital Innovation Platform for Open Banking will be provided for at least one member of each team selected for Phase 2, however in order to help all participants to define their project and detail their Business Plan, students and recent graduates are all invited to attend one-day trainings.


Two sessions are available to all:

  • February 10, 2018 - Raleigh

    • When: From 9:15am to 4pm

    • Where: NCSU James B. Hunt Jr. Library, Room 4106
      1070 Partners Way, Raleigh, NC, 27606

    • Everbrite sign-up (space limited): click here

  • February 17, 2018 - Charlotte

    • When: From 9am to 4pm

    • Where: UNCC Center City Campus, RM 304 320
      E. 9th Street, Charlotte, NC, 28202

    • Everbrite sign-up (space limited): click here

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