Key Instructions

The challenge is open to all students and recent graduates (less than 2 years).


Participants can take part individually or within a team of up to five (5) people.

Once registered, you will be asked to imagine a disruptive use for blockchain technology and present it in a Business Case (see template here). You will have until February, 25th 2018 to complete this first phase and send your work to

Selected teams will then be required to develop their Proof of Concept before April, 18th 2018.

A mentor will follow their progress and provide guidance to the team.

On April, 20th 2018, contestants will present their work in front of the jury members.

After deliberation, 3 teams will be awarded the following prizes on April, 21st 2018:

  • 1st prize:  $6,000

  • 2nd prize: $3,500

  • 3rd prize:  $2,500

Why Join?

Are you interested in tomorrow’s big economic challenges and disruptions?

Whether you are a student or a recent graduate, and whether or not you are familiar with Blockchain technology, this is the opportunity for you to learn, develop and showcase valuable business and technical skills. Through the Blockchain Generation Challenge, you will be able to bring a revolutionary technology to life!

A mentor will follow your progress throughout the competition to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.


This challenge is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the Blockchain technology and the  possibilities it offers in today’s financial and economic sectors. Moreover, tips, practical advice and a series of best practices will be provided by the blockchain Generation team in order for you to develop your business and technical skills.

This will also be a unique chance for you to meet and exchange with renowned professionals and specialists from Carolina.

Last but not least, your project could lead you to win one of our prizes (up to $6,000)!

Key Dates 

  • January 22nd 2018: Official launch of the Challenge.

  • February, 25th 2018: Last day to submit your Business Case (Phase 1).

  • February, 28th 2018: Results of Phase 1. The selected teams will begin enter Phase 2 - Developing a Proof of Concept.

  • April, 18th 2018: Last day to submit your Proof of Concept (Phase 2).

  • April, 20th & 21st 2018: Presentation of the Proof of Concepts to the Jury and Award ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockchain technology?

A Blockchain is a Peer-to-Peer network in which a ledger is distributed across all participants.

When changes to the ledger occur (like transfers of value/ownership or writing of a new Smart Contract) the changes are included into a “block” of transactions/changes/updates. The new block is added to the previous block in a linear, chronological order creating a chain of blocks: a Blockchain.

This means the entire history of events is recorded on the Blockchain and can be consulted – acting as a public or member record.

How can I participate in the Blockchain Generation Challenge?

Easy! Just sign-up in the Registration section of this website and follow the various steps of the competition.

Can I join the challenge even if I’m not a Blockchain specialist?

Of course!

It is a new and developing technology, and through our challenge, you will be able to self-teach and rapidly foster your skills with the help of a mentor.

I am not a computer science or finance major or my school is not a business or engineering school, can I still participate?

Yes, all students wishing to learn are welcome to participate.

This is not a Fintech only challenge. The Blockchain technology is relevant to a wide range of sectors and all project ideas are welcome.


Who will evaluate our work?

A jury composed of Carolina Fintech Hub sponsors and operating committee members will assess your Business Case and Proof Of Concept. Find out more about the jurors in the Jury section of the website.

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